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Let’s go on a trip…Updated : 2014.06.13

Let’s go on a trip… from HEART FILMS on Vimeo.


メンバーは本格的に活動の場をカナダに移したシゲ(藤田一茂)、ビックマウンテンスキーヤーのユウ(佐々木悠)とシカイチ(植木鹿一)、そしてテレマークスキーヤーのジュンダイさん(中塩順大)aka 会長。みんなそれぞれ個性的。


In Jan 2014, There was a record lack of snow in the West Coast of Canada.
We decided to leave and headed East to get some fresh snow and new excitement.
It began with 1 snowboarder, 2 skiers and 1 telemark skier – which made up our diverse crew.

The members of the crew were; Kazushige Fujita – who moved to Canada so he could ride bigger backcountry mountains, Yu Sasaki, Shikaichi Ueki – who are both big mountain skiers and Jundai Nakasiho aka Kaicho – who is one of the great Telemark Skiers in our time. Each with unique and strong personalities.

We didn’t bring any sleds on this trip as we were only hiking to film.
It was so tough to get the footage but hiking in humbled us and made us realize how beautiful and amazing each step is, in getting to our goals.
Please check it out.